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Distinctive Features of llc Ahtubaneftegaz

Refinery Development

- unique processing depth of 98% - all industry record. The enterprise ceased producing fuel oil and does not yield any oil residue, except target marketable coke for metallurgy;

- conveniently located in the center of the Urals Federal District on a developed logistic network, which enables to market oil products on its territory and in adjacent Districts;

- connected to the oil trunk pipeline of Transneft, JSC with total capacity of 7.2 MTPA with the increase up to 9 MTPA (specifications are given by Transneft, JSC);


Best In Refineing


For many years LLC AHTUBANEFTEGAZ has been acting as one of the major suppliers of polymers, pyrolysis products and organic synthesis to the Russian market, while exporting petrochemical products to more than 30 countries worldwide.

LLC AHTUBANEFTEGAZ petrochemical products are compliant with the Russian and international quality standards.


Separate direction of activity of "LLC AHTUBANEFTEGAZ" - the production and sale of lubricants and technical liquids.

LLC AHTUBANEFTEGAZ produce the following product categories: oil for cars and commercial vehicles: engine and transmission;
transport oil designed specifically for trucks, buses, agricultural machinery;


Today gas is a multi-purpose source of energy utilized in many areas. Gas fuel serves as a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to gasolines and different kinds of heavy fuel.

Production capacities of LLC AHTUBANEFTEGAZ gas processing plants comply with the highest modern standards. The Company offers high-purity gas products to its clients.