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Distinctive Features of llc Ahtubaneftegaz

Refinery Development

- unique processing depth of 98% - all industry record. The enterprise ceased producing fuel oil and does not yield any oil residue, except target marketable coke for metallurgy;

- conveniently located in the center of the Urals Federal District on a developed logistic network, which enables to market oil products on its territory and in adjacent Districts;

- connected to the oil trunk pipeline of Transneft, JSC with total capacity of 7.2 MTPA with the increase up to 9 MTPA (specifications are given by Transneft, JSC);

Careers at llc Ahtubaneftegaz

LLC AHTUBANEFTEGAZ’s team is the Company’s main asset

The qualities we value most in our staff are dedication to achieve goals and willingness to work in a team and assume responsibility. LLC AHTUBANEFTEGAz’s employees have ample opportunities for personal and career advancement. We are a team of professionals focused on the strategic goal of establishing LLC AHTUBANEFTEGAz as a leader among global companies.

The employees’ readiness and ability to deliver high-quality work, learn and grow are key to LLC AHTUBANEFTEGAz’s long-term success. This is why we place great emphasis on the professional development of our staff. In addition, we cooperate with Russia’s leading higher educational institutions, including the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, in order to foster young talent.

We are well aware that our team is our main asset, which is why we uphold high international standards in our social and personnel policies. The Interregional Trade Union (ITU) of LLC AHTUBANEFTEGAz is a strong contributor to shaping the social and labor relations between the Company and its employees.

We look forward to welcoming more specialists whose energy and expertise will help the Company achieve its ambitious goals. If you want to join LLC AHTUBANEFTEGAz’s team of professionals, please fill out the application and send your CV to the Company’s Personnel Management Department.

High standards both in production and social spheres have been and remain guiding principles of the Company's activities. Consistent approach to implementation of all aspects of the social policy, close attention to the needs of employees and their family members, and responsible business operations – all of the above help improve the sustainability and efficiency of social investments not only inside the Group Subsidiaries, but also in the regions of LLC AHTUBANEFTEGAZ activity.

Year by year, LLC AHTUBANEFTEGAz has been maintaining the status of one of the largest employers in the Russian Federation, paying considerable attention to creating safe and comfortable labor conditions at production sites. Key corporate social programs are focused on providing support to and promotion of healthy life style, improvement of living conditions and quality of life of employees and their families, material support to veterans and retired employees.

The Company faces large scale and complicated strategic objectives addressing which is contingent upon the employees’ motivation towards efficiency and their professional and personal development.